Activity Areas

What We Do

GFI Israel works with companies, researchers, investors, governments, and entrepreneurs to help make groundbreaking innovations in alternative protein a reality. We focus on cultivated meat,  plant-based and fermentation-based alternatives to animal-based meat, eggs and dairy-foods that are more delicious, safer to eat, and better for the planet than their outdated counterparts.

Science and Technology

• We provide scientific counseling and resources for researchers, investors, companies and students.
• We teach academic courses on alternative protein R&D at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University and Ben Gurion University.
• We give lectures, arrange workshops and conferences, and directly fund open-access research in the field.

Business Engagement

• We accelerate innovation in the alternative protein industry.
• We do that by supporting entrepreneurs from idea to market, providing mentoring to start-ups on go-to-market plans, fundraising and partnership formation.
• We provide strategic counseling to food, agtech, and pharma corporations, as well as investors and incubators.
• We also build bridges between industry and researchers in top universities to facilitate innovation in the alternative protein arena.


• We work with the Israeli government, the Israeli Innovation Authority and a wide array of international organizations to leverage Israel’s potential as a global leader in the research and development of alternative proteins.
• We aim to expand public funding in this space to help establish a local R&D infrastructure while promoting regulation to support the Israeli alternative protein industry.
• Among our major goals is to advance collaborations between the business and academic sectors within the Israeli ecosystem as well as with strategic international partners.

Thought Leadership

We strive to lead the way for the Israeli alternative protein space onto the global stage. We do so by operating as an information hub in the alternative protein space, open to all; by highlighting and raising awareness to scientific ‘white spaces’ and untapped business opportunities; by facilitating multilateral collaborations across various sectors to promote new research and development in the field; and by assisting any and all stakeholders who advance the shared vision of alternative protein preeminence in years to come.

GFI Israel's Annual Report

Israel State of Alternative Proteins
February 2023

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