Roey Kostika

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Roey is the executive assistant to the CEO at GFI Israel, providing executive-level administration and project execution support to the CEO and other members of the Executive team.

Areas of expertise: Project processes and coordination, promoting effective collaboration, advancing critical tasks in all activity areas.

Before joining GFI, Roey worked at Business Technology Management Inc., a business consulting company focused on improving organizational processes to achieve operational and business excellence. Previously, he also served at the Israeli Ministry of Defense as head of International Programs. Roey has also led many environmental and social activities in various organizations.

Roey holds a BA in political science and the humanities – specializing in policy, economics, entrepreneurship, philosophy, and cybernetics. Bringing over a decade of experience in different frameworks and working with various types of organizations, both local and international, Roey is passionate about making a positive impact on the world.

GFI Israel

Roey is a member of our Executive team, ensuring GFI Israel runs efficiently to maximize our impact.