International events

International events

By advocating for alternative proteins as solutions to pressing global challenges and integrating them into agendas at key forums and conferences worldwide, we aim to foster global recognition and adoption of these innovative solutions. GFI Israel partners with multinational organizations and Israeli stakeholders to promote strategic collaborations, connecting Israeli expertise with international markets.

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Connecting Israel’s alternative protein ecosystem with the world

GFI Israel is working with multinational organizations, global Israeli embassies, Israeli economic mission branches, and high-level stakeholders to elevate the recognition and engagement with Israel’s alternative protein ecosystem. These partnerships serve as vital bridges between Israeli innovation and global markets, facilitating connections, fostering collaborations, and promoting Israel’s expertise in alternative proteins.

By leveraging Israeli embassies’ global diplomatic networks and platforms, we aim to raise awareness of alternative proteins as solutions to pressing global challenges. Through joint initiatives and networking events, we strive to showcase Israel’s leadership in this field and highlight the transformative potential of alternative proteins as a climate and food security solution.

Following our collaboration, the economic mission of the Ministry of Economy has been incorporating the field of alternative proteins into the agendas and talking points of its branches worldwide and is promoting events to expose and connect the Israeli ecosystem with the local food industry and leading investors. In addition, alternative protein technologies have been incorporated into the syllabus of diplomatic courses provided to cadets of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, we participate in forums, workshops, and conferences convened by organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, International Development Bank, The World Economic Forum, and OECD to advocate the integration of alternative proteins into global sustainability and development agendas. By emphasizing the multifaceted benefits of alternative proteins to address complex global challenges, we seek to garner support and catalyze action at the international level.

See highlights of some of our recent global events:

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor, speaking at the Future of Food event held at the ambassador’s residence in Germany.

GFI Israel’s VP of Strategy & Policy, Alla Voldman-Rantzer, presents the need for alternative proteins at the food systems pavillion at COP27.

Alternative protein Rosh Hashanah (New Year’s) celebration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Gilad Erdan, tastes Yo! Egg’s poached egg at an alternative protein Independence Day celebration at the UN.

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