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Explore our library of up-to-date resources: in-depth academic papers on the science of smart proteins, stakeholder and ecosystem databases, reports on consumer perception and trends, comprehensive market analyses, and more.

Explore the landscape of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation companies in Israel. Use the database to stay current on new companies in the space, find a partner, or identify groundbreaking startups.
This paper examines the potential of alternative seafood to protect and restore biodiversity, emphasizing the need for a collaborative effort from various stakeholders to address environmental challenges.
Consumer demand for plant-based meat is outpacing supply. This analysis outlines necessary ingredient volumes and manufacturing needs to identify and prevent future production bottlenecks.
The plant-based meat industry has grown significantly, requiring supply chains to keep up. This analysis by GFI and Bright Green Partners assesses current manufacturing and explores ways to expand capacity for future demand.
This ex-ante life cycle assessment (LCA) forecasts the 2030 environmental performance of commercial-scale CM production, comparing it to conventional animal production, using recent data and scenario analysis.
This analysis identifies commodity crop sidestreams suitable for alternative protein production and offers recommendations for policymakers and food producers to valorize crops and promote circular bioeconomies.
This study establishes a Food Safety Plan for cultivated meat using the HACCP approach, providing a basis for future food safety studies and aiding stakeholders in ensuring safe cultivated meat production.
A comprehensive report on the use and development of cell lines in the cultivated meat industry, addressing future demand, characterization requirements, and regulatory concerns.
This directory lists hundreds of investors interested in funding Israeli alternative protein companies and startups. Sort by investor type, product category, location, fundraising series, or typical investment amount. Startups can use this to connect with investors.
Everything you need to know about the alternative protein ecosystem in Israel.
National Plan: Israel as a world leader in research, innovation, and production of alternative protein – Executive Summary.
Our GFI Mentor Program enables entrepreneurs and startups to have 1:1 mentoring sessions with subject matter experts across the alternative protein ecosystem.