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The Good Food Institute Israel is 100% funded by philanthropic support.

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Israel is a world leader in innovation, especially in the alternative protein sector. As an R&D powerhouse, thanks to its high concentration of talented researchers and entrepreneurs and its supportive business environment and government, Israel can pioneer much-needed solutions to accelerate alternative proteins worldwide. When the scientific, governmental, and business environments for alternative proteins thrive in Israel, their positive impacts will reverberate across the world.



We prioritize the highest-impact activities to undertake each year so you know your donation is being spent most effectively.


Increased funding for science is key to unlocking the sustainable, secure, and just food future we know is possible. Our team inspires the government to direct R&D funding to the field, so your gift helps to leverage even greater sums secured in R&D funding—multiplying your impact.

Sector-wide influence

As a nonprofit, we are uniquely positioned to support the entire alternative protein space. By sharing our open-access research and knowledge freely and connecting scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, we promote the whole sector and bring us closer to the day when alternative proteins are the default choice.

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Your support allows us to be nimble and respond when we find a new barrier to the success of alternative proteins. We rigorously assess our impact and focus on neglected areas where too few people are working and too little money is invested—so you know your support is making a real difference.

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Potential and urgency

Your donations enable our scitech and corporate engagement teams to harness the potential of Israel’s top universities and commercial talent to advance alternative proteins. With your support, our policy and communications teams can seize the finite window of opportunity we have to drive government support and consumer acceptance in Israel.

GFI Israel is 100% funded by philanthropy – we exist because of your support.

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