Alternative protein policy

Israel’s alternative protein national strategy

Plant-based, fermented, and cultivated meat offers solutions to major national and global challenges.

As a nonprofit working toward a better food system, the Good Food Institute actively advocates public funding and support for the growth of the alternative protein sector and the local ecosystem. The Israeli government provides critical support for alternative proteins, including funding for research grants, startups, and workforce training, and promotes a supportive regulatory framework. Explore this page to discover examples of our impactful work on both the national and global fronts and for the collective advancement of sustainable and innovative food solutions.

National strategies

The Good Food Institute Israel’s policy team focuses on these key areas to maximize how society benefits from alternative proteins.

Public sector investment in open-access research will maximize the societal benefits of alternative proteins. Learn how GFI Israel secures public funding for research and development.

A clear regulatory path to the market is crucial for consumer confidence in alternative proteins. Learn how GFI Israel supports evidence-based regulation.

Promoting alternative proteins through a coordinated national effort is essential for a robust local ecosystem throughout the value chain. Find out how GFI Israel contributes to government resolutions favoring alternative proteins.

The global food system faces challenges from constant changes and shocks. One of the key issues is ensuring a steady supply of protein in times of crisis. Find out how GFI Israel promotes advanced food tech solutions for food security and how alternative proteins benefit national security.

International Collaboration

Advancing alternative proteins is a global mission. GFI Israel, together with the Israeli government, collaborates with international stakeholders to advance innovation, R&D, and pathways to market.

Promoting the alternative protein sector is a global mission. Learn how Israeli diplomacy is promoting the field across the world using GFI Israel’s toolkit.

Learn how GFI Israel collaborates with international organizations, embassies, and high-level stakeholders to increase recognition and collaboration with the Israeli alternative protein ecosystem.

GFI Israel fosters global partnerships to advance innovation in alternative proteins. Explore the latest collaboration opportunities.

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