Alla Voldman-Rantzer

Vice President Of Strategy & Policy

Alla handles strategic relationships, driving government and strategic partners to maximize funding, resources, and infrastructure to facilitate the growth of the alternative protein sector, elevating the recognition of the field as a climate and food security technological solution and positioning Israel as a global leader in these fields. 

Areas of expertise: National policy, public relations, public funding resources, infrastructure and regulation, foreign affairs, and international collaborations.

Alla brings more than seven years of experience leading large-scale, long-term engagements with companies in the U.S., India, and Europe where she specialized in the international retail & consumer goods industry. Before joining GFI, Alla served as a project director with Goldratt Consulting Ltd., where she led the execution of innovative cross-functional programs with startups, corporations, and governments for constructing and executing national plans.

Alla holds a BSc in chemistry from Tel Aviv University and an MSc in material science from the Weizmann Institute of Science.


Alla leads our Policy team. Learn more about her work and access resources for policymakers.