The Good Food Institute Israel

Accelerating Alternative Protein Research
and Innovation in Israel

GFI Israel - Israeli Foodtech Innovation

Accelerating Alternative Protein Research
and Innovation in Israeli Foodtech

GFI Israel - Who We Are

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is an international, science-based non-profit organization, focused on building a sustainable, healthy, and just food system.

GFI Israel partners with scientific institutions, governmental organizations, and businesses to promote groundbreaking alternative protein research and innovation.

The Food Industry's Challenge

Current meat production is unsustainable and inefficient. It is a key driver of climate change, environmental degradation, and antibiotic resistance. Yet these facts have not sparked significant behavioral change – global meat consumption continues to rise.

GFI’s Solution

Instead of asking consumers to give up the foods they love, GFI is working with researchers, entrepreneurs and food companies to accelerate the global food system’s transition to alternative proteins that are delicious, affordable and accessible.

Alternative Protein Technologies


Plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy are produced directly from plants. Like animal products, they are comprised of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Next-gen plant-based options look, taste, and cook like conventional choices.

Cultivated Meat

Meat produced directly from animal cells. Meat cultivation facilitates the same biological process that happens inside an animal by providing warmth and the basic elements needed to build muscle and fat.


Microorganisms are a promising source for alternative protein products. Fermentation can be used to produce edible biomass or to produce specific animal ingredients in an animal-free host system.

What We Do

Science & Technology

Business Engagement


Thought Leadership

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large bruce friedrich  e

Bruce Friedrich

Co-founder and Executive Director
The Good Food Institute (GFI)

“Israel is the startup nation and has absolutely stellar entrepreneurial and scientific talent. We expect scientific and technological breakthroughs in alternative protein to continue to come from the Israeli academic and food tech ecosystems”

The Good Food Institute Israel

Nir Goldstein

Managing Director
The Good Food Institute Israel

“Israeli innovators are creating the future of food. For the first time in history, we’re building food bottom-up, allowing us to overcome the boundaries of conventional animal farming”

GFI Israel's Annual Report

Israel State of Alternative Proteins
February 2023

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