Collaboration opportunities

Collaboration opportunities

GFI Israel fosters global partnerships to advance innovation in alternative proteins. Explore the latest collaboration opportunities.

Fostering collaborations

GFI Israel is dedicated to fostering collaboration on a global scale, bringing together diverse stakeholders to address the challenges of the alternative protein industry.

Through our efforts, we want to grow a network of complementary knowledge and expertise, leveraging the strengths of each partner to drive innovation and progress. We work to increase awareness within various ecosystems and across sectors, spanning different academic departments, food industries, and adjacent sectors.

Additionally, these initiatives create precedents for additional funding opportunities, ensuring long-term funding security and sustainability for researchers and companies in the sector.

Join collaborative activities

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How you can help

Our research, insights, and advocacy are only possible thanks to our generous, global family of donors. GFI Israel is 100% powered by philanthropy. You can fuel this transformative work by supporting us today.