Dr. Avishag Levi Bar-Shalom

SciTech Manager – Plant-Based Expert

Avishag works with Israel’s academic and industrial researchers to promote alternative protein research and innovation in the field of plant-based products.

Areas of expertise: Engagement with researchers from academia and industry, TTOs and local grants, the plant-based field, and infrastructure.

With over 10 years of experience in managing development and research teams in the ag tech and foodtech industries, as well as extensive expertise in the breeding field, Avishag has undertaken various roles, including establishing infrastructures, recruiting and managing staff, management of multidisciplinary scientific projects, developing technologies, implementing methods and work processes, submissions to funds and fundraising.

Avishag holds a BSc in animal science as well as an MSc and a PhD in plant science.

Science and technology

Avishag is a part of our science and technology work in Israel. Learn more about the science of alternative protein and access resources for researchers.