Dr. Michal Halpert

Vice President of Science & Technology

Michal works with Israel’s leading academic institutions, researchers, and students to promote alternative protein research and innovation.

Areas of expertise: Engagement with administration peers, research and technology authorities, student clubs, researchers, local grants, the fermentation field, and infrastructure.

Michal led innovative projects from academia to industry in the pharma and food sectors. She has experience in the production process of recombinant proteins from the cloning step to high cell density expression in fermenters, scalable purification procedures, and the development of analytical tests.

Michal holds a BSc in biochemistry and food science, an MSc in biotechnology (both from the Hebrew University), a PhD in biology (Technion), and a postdoc in the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology (Hebrew University).

Science and technology

Michal leads our science and technology work in Israel. Learn more about the science of alternative protein and access resources for researchers.