About the Good Food Institute Israel

About GFI Israel

The Good Food Institute Israel is a nonprofit think tank working to harness the power of local alternative protein research and innovation to target the world’s climate, global health, food security, and biodiversity goals.

As a catalyst for the entire sector, GFI Israel leverages the Israeli entrepreneurial mentality and partners with forward-thinking scientists, businesses, and policymakers to advance research and industry breakthroughs and promote governmental support for alternative proteins.

Our areas of focus


We work with scientists to develop, fund, and promote open-access research on plant-based, cultivated, and fermented proteins.


We partner with governments to invest in alternative protein research, infrastructure, workforce, and supporting regulations.

Business & Innovation

We support the food industry to make delicious and affordable alternative proteins available everywhere.

How we’re funded

The Good Food Institute is powered by philanthropy. Our progress is only possible thanks to gifts and grants from our global family of donors.

The vast majority of our funding comes from individual donors, from more than 65 countries, with additional support from philanthropic foundations, including the Open Philanthropy Project and ClimateWorks Foundation.

We don’t accept donations from companies engaging in the conventional animal or alternative protein industries, but these companies can sponsor GFI’s public events or fund our open-access scientific research programs.

People around the world support our work because, together, we can transform our food system to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation, feed our planet’s growing population, and secure a food supply that decreases the risk of zoonotic diseases and antibiotic resistance.

Our donors are making a world where the sustainable choice becomes the default option.

Taking good food global

Our food system is global. Our biggest challenges are global. Our solutions must be global as well.


GFI around the world

We’re providing global solutions to global problems. In addition to Israel, GFI works where we can have the greatest possible impact on our global food system: Asia Pacific, Brazil, India, Europe, and the United States.


GFI United States

The Good Food Institute in the United States is focused on advancing alternative proteins within one of the world’s leading nations, where a dynamic landscape of food production, scientific research, and agricultural innovation fuels rapid growth. Leading GFI’s global strategy, the USA team collaborates with and across all of GFI’s international teams to ensure maximum effectiveness in implementing programs that deliver mission-focused results.

Photograph of the USA team

GFI Asia Pacific

A large and growing market, Asia Pacific is home to cutting-edge innovation. Singapore and China, especially, are committed to leading the world in food security and climate change mitigation. GFI Asia Pacific is focused on alternative protein advancement in Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, working internationally — in collaboration with our strategic partners in China — to support innovators, disseminate open-access data and knowledge, and accelerate scientific advancement.

Photograph of the Asia Pacific team
GFI Brazil

GFI Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest meat producers in the world and is home to both the world’s largest meat company and the world’s largest ground beef company. GFI Brazil works with these and other companies as well as the Brazillian government and scientists across the country to accelerate alternative protein science, entrepreneurship, and markets.

Photograph of the Brazil team
GFI Europe

GFI Europe

Europe has a population more than twice that of the U.S., is home to much of the world’s scientific and commercial talent, and is one of the biggest potential markets for alternative proteins. Europe influences the world through trade, migration, diaspora communities, and thought leadership. GFI Europe focuses much of its efforts on advancing favorable alternative protein policies and regulations throughout the European Union.

Photograph of the Europe team
GFI India

GFI India

India is predicted to be the world’s most populous country within the next decade and is a prime market for alternative protein solutions to malnutrition. Further, these solutions are potential fuel for robust domestic economic growth. GFI India aims to establish India as a sourcing base for plant-based protein and to cultivate a scientific talent pool for cultivated meat research and manufacturing.

Photograph of the India team